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Clutch Pilot Bushing Replacement

Though small, a clutch pilot bushing a very important part found in the transmission. Replacement costs vary greatly depending on the year, make, and model of the car.

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What is a Clutch Pilot Bushing??

The clutch pilot bushing is a type of bearing, and it’s pretty darn important for your transmission. It’s small, but mighty. The job of the clutch pilot bushing is to connect the input shaft in the transmission to the crankshaft in the engine. As the bushing is a type of bearing (think the things that allow a skateboard wheel to spin), this connection allows the input shaft and crankshaft to rotate independently, while staying connected. When the clutch is disengaged, it’s the bushing that allows the engine to maintain RPMs, even though the car isn’t in gear. If the clutch pilot bushing isn’t functioning properly, the engine and transmission won’t work together, and you’ll experience some significant transmission problems. Any time the clutch assembly is replaced, it’s important to replace the clutch pilot bushing as well. If this all seems a bit complicated, don’t worry. Just take my word for it: the clutch pilot bushing is important. It’s also a component that only exists in manual transmission vehicles.
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Symptoms of a failing Clutch Pilot Bushing

Weird noise from the clutch

This shouldn’t be news to you: when your car makes weird noises, it’s not a good sign. A car with a broken clutch pilot bushing may make a super funky noise when you engage the clutch. What kind of noise? Just think about the noises the car made when you were first learning to drive a stick shift. Ahh, good memories, am I right?

Transmission won’t stay in gear

Calm down, there’s not a ghost in your car. The transmission shifting out of gear isn’t that eerie. It’s just an issue with the transmission, likely the clutch pilot bushing. When a clutch pilot bushing starts to go, the transmission will randomly shift out of gear, which is pretty darn inconvenient.

Difficult to shift

No, you didn’t forget how to drive a manual transmission overnight. It’s likely just the clutch pilot bushing. If the pilot bushing is having issues, it will often make it difficult to change gears. You’ll feel like there’s some resistance when you try to upshift or downshift. Like the other mentioned symptoms, it’s not a ton of fun. You probably don’t need me to tell you that.

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How urgent is Clutch Pilot Bushing replacement?

Well, let’s see…does a transmission that’s hard to shift, won’t stay in gear, and makes loud noises sound like your idea of a good time? Probably not.

If those symptoms aren’t enough to get you to fix the clutch pilot bushing, then maybe this will: If the failing pilot bushings are ignored, the eventual result will be extreme damage to the transmission, which is a much more expensive replacement.

This one’s easy to figure out. Get the clutch pilot bushing replaced.

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