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Toyota Previa ABS Control Module Replacement

ABS stands for anti-lock brake system. While the ABS control module rarely needs replacing, it's a crucial part of your brake system and is important to replace if faulty.

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Toyota Previa ABS Control Module Replacement

RepairSmith offers upfront and competitive pricing. The average cost for Toyota Previa ABS Control Module Replacement is $843. Drop it off at our shop and pick it up a few hours later, or save time and have our Delivery mechanics come to you.

Quoted on
1995 Toyota Previa
2.4L L4 DX • 380,000 miles
Los Gatos CA 95031
Nov 11, 2020
$771 - $943
1997 Toyota Previa
2.4L L4 Supercharged DX • 47,000 miles
Bakersfield CA 93312
Oct 9, 2020
$752 - $919
1996 Toyota Previa
2.4L L4 Supercharged LE • 308,000 miles
Encino CA 91436
Sep 26, 2020
$804 - $982
1997 Toyota Previa
2.4L L4 Supercharged LE • 126,000 miles
San Joaquin CA 93660
Sep 21, 2020
$730 - $892
1997 Toyota Previa
2.4L L4 Supercharged LE • 66,000 miles
Daly City CA 94015
Sep 16, 2020
$734 - $897
Last Updated:
Jan 21, 2021 4:52 PM
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What is an ABS Control Module?

Let’s start with the important part: the ABS control module is a part of your brake system...which, you know, is pretty important. Hopefully this isn’t new information. ABS stands for anti-lock brake system. It’s responsible for keeping your wheels from getting wild on the road. As you hopefully could surmise from the name, the ABS keeps the wheels from locking up when you slam on the brakes, which keeps your car from skidding and sliding out of control.  On modern cars, ABS system components are also used in the traction control system, which helps keep your car in contact with the road. Like many parts of your car, the ABS uses a computer. In this case, the computer in question is the ABS control module. The control module takes information from the wheel speed sensors to determine when the wheels are moving at inconsistent speeds. The ABS system then regulates brake pressure as needed to increase safety. Seems important, yeah? Well, yeah. But here’s the good news: The ABS control module rarely dies. In all likelihood, your car will never need it replaced, though it may need to be reprogrammed. There are exceptions to every rule, however, and it is possible that the computer will need to be replaced at some point.

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Symptoms of a failing ABS Control Module

Warning lights are on

I’m sorry, were you hoping this symptom wouldn’t be mentioned? Look, we get it. It's easy to ignore the warning lights on your dashboard, especially that stupid check engine light. A failing ABS control module can cause a number of lights to go on, including the traction control indicator and brake indicator. It also can trigger an ABS warning light. So, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but when your car illuminates the letters “ABS,” it’s not complimenting your six pack. Get back in the gym, and get your brake system serviced.

Anti-lock braking system doesn’t activate

Hopefully, you don’t have to figure this one out the hard way. But if you slam on the brakes, and your wheels lock up and you skid...hopefully, you're okay, but your car's braking system isn't. If this happens, you’ve got an issue with your ABS system, and quite possibly the control module.

Funky brake pedal

If the ABS control module is acting up, it’s going to send the wrong information to the brake system. As a result, you might end up with your brake pedal pulsating at random times while you drive. Massage chairs are great. Massage brake pedals? Yeah, not so much.

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How urgent is an ABS Control Module replacement?

Time to test your reading comprehension. What is ABS? What are brakes? Are they important?

That last one’s a rhetorical question…hopefully. Brakes are the most important safety feature in your car, so you better treat them as such. If your ABS control module needs replacing, then your car won’t act properly if you have to slam on your brakes. So, get the replacement, and get it done soon.

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