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Get More Spare Time with RepairSmith

February 10, 2020

Car repair can take hours out of your day. And if you’re needing a big, complicated repair, it can even take days out of your week!

Well, we’re here to give you that time back. Our mission is to make car repair convenient, so you have more time to do the things that matter most.

So, we were curious. What would you spend your time on instead of waiting for your car to be repaired?

Last Fall, we took to the LA Auto Show to find out! We asked thousands of you via a live poll: Would you spend your spare time on friends and family, exercise, rest, a hobby, or work?

How Would You Spend Your Spare Time?

By a heartwarming landslide (or multiple toy car pile-up, rather), many of you chose friends & family! Hobbies came in second. Our favorite hobby that we heard? Working on your own cars! Rest came in a close third. And lastly, a handful of you chose exercise and work (you go-getters, you).

What’s Your Least Favorite Part about Car Repair?

On top of our fun interactive poll, we asked nearly 900 of you your least favorite part about car repair. The results sure were telling:

We don’t have a crystal ball, but we definitely had a a hunch about that last one. Well, we heard your concerns, and we’re taking them to heart as we continue to build a service that makes car repair truly convenient, so you can spend less time waiting on your car, and more time with your friends and family.