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How do   Wheels and Tires work?

Wheels and tires are often mistaken for being the same thing. But they’re actually two distinct components. The wheel, which is usually made of aluminum or steel, is the inner portion of the wheel/tire assembly. On the other hand, the tire is the black rubber part that wraps around the wheel. How the wheels and tires work is pretty straightforward. The tires make contact with the road to provide your car with traction. And because they’re made of rubber, they also help absorb shocks from imperfections in the road. The wheel serves as a mounting point for the tire. Plus, front wheels connect to the car’s steering, so that they can transfer driver input from the steering wheel to the tires. On all cars, at least one pair of wheels, referred to as the drive wheels, link indirectly to the drive train and axles. It’s the drive wheels that transmit rotational force from the engine to the tires, so your car can keep moving down the road.

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