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P0102: Mass Air Flow Circuit Low Input

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What is P0102?

Error code P0102 is a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) defined as “Mass Air Flow (MAF) Circuit Low Input.”

Code P0102 is set when your vehicle’s Engine Control Module (ECM) or Powertrain Control Module (PCM) detects a problem with the performance of your Mass Air Flow sensor (MAF sensor).

Your MAF sensor is mounted between the air filter and throttle body and measures the amount of air entering the engine. Your PCM and ECM use the MAF sensor signal to determine fuel control. 

When your engine computer detects a signal below the recommended specification for a certain period of time, it triggers engine code P0102.

While DTC P0102 is a generic OBD-II engine light code for MAF sensor problems, not every vehicle has this code stored in its code library. Sometimes, the code is different from one manufacturer to the next, so you may get a different code on your vehicle that means the same thing as P0102.

Common symptoms

You may experience none or some of these common symptoms if you have issues with your mass air flow sensor:

Can I still drive?

Continued driving for a short period is okay with an active P0102 trouble code and mass airflow sensor issues.

Head to a mechanic within the next month to fix this error code and prevent any more damage to other parts of your vehicle, like your catalytic converter.

P0102 causes

These are the most common causes of error code P0102:

  • The most obvious issue is restricted airflow from your air cleaner to the mass airflow sensor caused by a clogged air filter.
  • Your MAF sensor can also be dirty or partially clogged by dust, leaves, or carbon build-up.
  • Your MAF sensor may have low voltage, which can lead to a malfunctioning ECM.
  • There may be damage to your MAF sensor wiring harness connector or MAF sensor connector, resulting in false readings.
  • An air leak in your air filter could result in insufficient oxygen entering your engine.
  • A low minimum air rate through the MAF sensor bore can trigger this trouble code during deceleration or at engine idle.
  • You could have a clogged catalytic converter which causes a lack of power at higher revolutions per minute (RPM).
  • Finally, there may be issues with your PCM or ECM. Engine computer problems are rare, but if they’re damaged, it could cause an active P0102 code.


Here’s how a professional mechanic will diagnose error code P0102 to determine the root cause of the problem:

  • First, your mechanic will use a scan tool to check if you have another active trouble code like misfire codes or O2 sensor codes.
  • Next, they’ll inspect your MAF sensor to see if it’s damaged or dirty. Sometimes foreign objects like leaves, oil, or dust can clog up the air flow sensor measuring element (hot wire).
  • Then, they’ll check the MAF sensor wiring harness connector and MAF sensor connector for fraying or circuit damage.
  • Next, your mechanic will look to see if your air filter is clogged or causing an air leak.
  • They’ll check your manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP sensor.) Loss of vacuum pressure to the MAP sensor can trigger this code. 
  • Your mechanic will check your exhaust back pressure to see if you have a clogged catalytic converter.
  • Finally, they’ll inspect your ECM and PCM for problems.

Note: It’s essential to finish the entire diagnostic process before fixing any parts. You don’t want to pay for a new MAF sensor when the culprit is a dirty air filter.

Possible repairs for P0102 & Costs

Here’s how your mechanic will begin fixing the problem, depending on the cause:

  • Other error codes: Your mechanic will fix any other active error codes you may have in order of seriousness.
  • MAF sensor: If your MAF sensor is dirty, your mechanic will clean it with MAF cleaner. If you have a faulty MAF sensor, they’ll replace it.
  • MAF sensor wiring: Your mechanic will replace your wiring, wiring harness, and each MAF connector if they’re damaged.
  • Air filter: They’ll unclog your air filter or replace it if it’s damaged.
  • Vacuum leak: Your mechanic will replace your vacuum lines, PCV valve, and MAP sensor if these parts are causing a vacuum leak or delivering erroneous pressure readings.
  • Catalytic Converter: If your catalytic converter is clogged, your mechanic will pour catalytic converter cleaner into your fuel tank and drive your car at high RPM for a while. If it’s clogged beyond repair, your mechanic will replace it.
  • PCM & ECM: As a last resort, your mechanic will repair or replace your engine computers as they may be providing inaccurate intake air readings.

The cost of repairing trouble code P0102 depends on the underlying issue. Here’s an estimated range of how much you can expect to pay for different repair jobs:

  • New MAF sensor: $220-$320 
  • New air filer: $50-$70
  • Vacuum leak repair: $150-$1000
  • Replace catalytic converter: $270-$430
  • New PCM:  $800-$1500 
  • New ECM: $900 

Note: The repair costs mentioned above include labor charges.

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