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How do the Suspension & Steering Systems work?


The suspension system helps support your car, while also keeping it under control and providing a smooth ride. Different cars use different suspension designs, ranging from MacPherson strut to solid axle. There are, however, a couple of things all systems have in common – they all use some type of spring and some type of dampener (shocks or struts). The components work together to help the car absorb bumps and stay in contact with the road.

Power Steering

The power steering system is designed to reduce steering effort. Typically, power assist is provided by either a hydraulic pump or an electric motor acting on the steering gear assembly  In a hydraulic system, pressurized fluid is sent from the pump to the steering gear. When you turn the steering wheel, the oil acts on the gear mechanism inside the assembly, making it easier to turn the front wheels. The pump is driven off the engine by a belt.   Electric power steering operates a little differently. Several sensors are used to monitor steering input and other operating parameters. Then, using the information collected from the sensors, a computer controls a motor that helps turn the steering gear.

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