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Honda Odyssey AC Recharge Costs

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Honda Odyssey AC Recharge Costs

RepairSmith offers upfront and competitive pricing. The average cost for Honda Odyssey AC Recharge is $198. Drop it off at our shop and pick it up a few hours later, or save time and have our Delivery mechanics come to you.

2000 Honda Odyssey
3.5L V6 Cargo • 0 miles
CA 93728
$162 - $198
2012 Honda Odyssey
3.5L V6 • 126,500 miles
CA 94561
$185 - $226
2006 Honda Odyssey
3.5L V6 • 163,000 miles
CA 94588
$190 - $232
2013 Honda Odyssey
3.5L V6 LX • 41,000 miles
CA 91741
$181 - $221
2013 Honda Odyssey
3.5L V6 EX • 59,000 miles
CA 91107
$178 - $218
2005 Honda Odyssey
3.5L V6 EX • 150,000 miles
CA 91913
$210 - $256
2005 Honda Odyssey
3.5L V6 EX • 150,000 miles
CA 91913
$209 - $255
2001 Honda Odyssey
3.5L V6 LX • 129,035 miles
CA 91306
$168 - $206
2005 Honda Odyssey
3.5L V6 • 135,000 miles
CA 90650
$146 - $178
2010 Honda Odyssey
3.5L V6 • 160,306 miles
CA 95820
$153 - $187
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Sep 7, 2021 1:05 PM
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What is an Air Conditioning Recharge?

Let’s put it in simpler terms, because “recharge” isn’t very accurate. An air conditioning (A/C) recharge is really just a refilling of the A/C’s refrigerant. The A/C system uses refrigerant as a heat transfer, which allows the A/C air to actually be cold. You probably don’t need to be told that that’s a good thing. The system is closed, which means that no refrigerant should be lost. But occasionally, it can get very minor leaks, resulting in a slow loss of refrigerant, and a recharge is necessary. The most common time for a recharge, however, is when the A/C system is being repaired. Anytime it’s opened up for repairs, the refrigerant must be recovered.  Then, the system is evacuated for air and moisture, and a recharge is performed.

When do you need an A/C Recharge?

Poor A/C performance

You ready for some complex, graduate-level math? When your A/C refrigerant, which lowers the temperature of the air for your A/C unit, isn’t working, your A/C might not be as cold. Whew! Able to keep up?

Warning lights

Let me guess: you don’t really pay attention to warning lights. I nailed it, right? Well, you should stop that habit, because they’re always telling you something important. For example, if the A/C system has a low refrigerant charge, your car may flash the AC button or some other type of warning.

How urgent is recharging your A/C?

A car that needs an air conditioning recharge isn’t going to be dangerous to drive, and it’s not going to cause any further damage. You know what it is going to be? A sauna for you and everyone else who gets in.

Now a mobile sauna might sound like a cool party trick, but…it’s not.

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