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BMW Z4 Oxygen Sensor Replacement Costs

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BMW Z4 Oxygen Sensor Replacement Costs

RepairSmith offers upfront and competitive pricing. The average cost for BMW Z4 Oxygen Sensor Replacement is $211. Drop it off at our shop and pick it up a few hours later, or save time and have our Delivery mechanics come to you.

2003 BMW Z4
2.5L L6 • 85,000 miles
CA 92107
$180 - $220
2008 BMW Z4
3.0L L6 Roadster 3.0i • 24,000 miles
NV 89156
$165 - $201
2004 BMW Z4
2.5L L6 2.5i • 120,000 miles
CA 91324
$188 - $230
2013 BMW Z4
3.0L L6 Turbo sDrive35i • 99,000 miles
CA 92081
$179 - $219
2006 BMW Z4
3.0L L6 Roadster 3.0i • 182,000 miles
CA 91606
$167 - $204
2021 BMW Z4
3.0L L6 Turbo sDrive M40i • 10,000 miles
CA 94132
$267 - $327
2011 BMW Z4
3.0L L6 Turbo sDrive35is • 147,000 miles
CA 95820
$190 - $232
2003 BMW Z4
3.0L L6 3.0i • 263,000 miles
CA 93063
$218 - $266
2003 BMW Z4
3.0L L6 3.0i • 173,000 miles
CA 95117
$176 - $216
2008 BMW Z4
3.2L L6 M Roadster • 197,000 miles
CA 92405
$169 - $207
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Sep 7, 2021 1:55 PM
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What is an Oxygen Sensor?

Would you be shocked if I said it’s a sensor to measure oxygen? Okay, but it’s a bit more than that. Cars have both upstream and downstream sensors (also known as O2 sensors). Upstream oxygen sensors are placed in front of the catalytic converter, and measure the amount of oxygen in the exhaust. The car’s computer then uses that data to determine the proper air to fuel ratio.  Downstream oxygen sensors are located behind the catalytic converter, and measure the efficiency of the converter.

Signs of a faulty Oxygen Sensor

Poor performance

No one likes poor performance. That includes you, and it certainly includes your car. Faulty O2 sensors will feed misinformation to your car’s computer. The computer will then alter the engine in a way that leads to less power, some hesitation and jerkiness, and running rough. Which means you’ll be embarrassed the next time you try to show off at a green light.

Check engine light

Oh, the check engine warning light. That light that you pretend isn’t there when it lights up. How has that worked out for you? Try as you might, ignoring a check engine light won’t make it go away. And oxygen sensor failure is a common cause of the light illuminating.

How urgent is an Oxygen Sensor replacement?

You’re not really in any danger driving around with a busted O2 sensor. Your car will still be safe to drive. But the performance won’t be ideal, and you may fail an emissions test. You don’t need to drop everything and run straight to a repair, but get around to it when you can.

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