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How do Engine Electrical & Electronics work?

We tend to only think about electricity in cars when talking about electric cars. In reality, every modern car depends heavily on electricity, and you use the electric system every time you’re in the car. It all starts with the battery. While gasoline-powered cars need fuel to drive, they still need a battery to start. The battery stores electricity, which it sends to a starter motor when the car is turned on. The starter motor rotates the flywheel, which gets the engine in action. Once the car is driving, the alternator uses power generated by the engine to keep the electrical system running, and to recharge the battery. From your seat inside the car, you have a lot of electronics at your disposal. The sound system, charging ports, window controls, lights, and many other features all run on electricity. These systems all have basic electrical wiring. They’re powered by the alternator when the car is running, and by the battery when the car is not turned on. The car’s computer, which keeps the engine and transmission running smoothly, also relies on electricity to function.

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