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Toyota 86 Radiator Cooling Fan Replacement Costs

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Toyota 86 Radiator Cooling Fan Replacement Costs

RepairSmith offers upfront and competitive pricing. The average cost for Toyota 86 Radiator Cooling Fan Replacement is $564. Drop it off at our shop and pick it up a few hours later, or save time and have our Delivery mechanics come to you.

2020 Toyota 86
2.0L H4 Base • 13,000 miles
CA 95129
$499 - $609
2017 Toyota 86
2.0L H4 Base • 36,000 miles
CA 91008
$503 - $615
2019 Toyota 86
2.0L H4 TRD Special Edition • 29,000 miles
CA 91730
$505 - $617
Last Updated:
Dec 17, 2020 6:25 PM
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What is a Radiator Cooling Fan?

You know those necklace fans people wear at theme parks? And you really shouldn’t wear anywhere else besides at theme parks? Well, your car has one of its own. When you car gets too hot, it needs a little extra boost to cool down, and the radiator cooling fan is the part for the job. To better understand the radiator cooling fan, you need to understand how the cooling system works. The more your car’s engine works, the more heat it produces. If the engine gets too hot, it will begin to damage itself and the surrounding car parts, and eventually even catch fire…which goes without saying, is not cool. So, the cooling system keeps the engine at a safe and operable temperature. When the engine is running, a liquid called coolant travels around the engine, absorbing heat. The coolant then travels to the radiator, which directs air over the coolant, in turn absorbing the heat again, and lowering the temperature of the coolant. This allows the coolant to return to engine, absorb more heat, and keep the cycle going over and over. That brings us to the radiator cooling fan. This helpful device takes the air in the engine bay and helps it move through the radiator. The increased air results in better cooling of the engine. With the current design of cars, radiator cooling fans are necessary parts to keep your car running. Overheating can lead to catastrophic consequences if not attended to immediately, and the radiator can’t fully do its job without the cooling fan. Radiator cooling fans can last for a long time, but it’s not rare for them to need to be replaced at some point.

Symptoms of a failing Radiator Cooling Fan

Engine temperature is too hot

Keep a watchful eye on the gauge or light in your dashboard that indicates the engine temperature. It’s there for a reason, and that reason isn’t so you can ignore it. If the temperature gauge shows that the engine is getting hot, something has gone awry. That something just might be your car’s radiator cooling fan.

Loss of power

You know after a workout, when you’re sweating and heaving and don’t feel like you could run a mile if it saved your life? When you’re quite literally too hot to function? Your car feels the same way if the radiator cooling fan is wonky. If the engine is too hot, and running out of energy, it can limit its performance to stay alive. Even worse, the engine power can permanently degrade because of the deterioration of parts.

Engine failure

Oh, this sure is a fun one. Ever heard of a seized engine? No? Well, here’s the long and short of it: The engine stops working and gets stuck, like when your body cramps and rebels after a long workout. Ignoring the above symptoms is one way to get one of those. A radiator cooling fan that fully fails can lead to this catastrophic fail. Parts in the engine can get so hot without proper cooling that they fuse together. Let’s not have that happen, ok? Because it’s exactly as bad as it sounds.

How urgent is a Radiator Cooling Fan replacement?

Seriously, did you not read that last segment?

I don’t like the idea of a catastrophe, and I’m sure you don’t either, so I’m going to say get this done ASAP. More importantly, ‘catastrophe’ kinda rhymes with ‘money,’ so . . . yeah. You do the math.

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