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Why You Should Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection

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Even though it took months of searching, you finally found it – the car of your dreams. The paint is shiny, the leather is buttery soft, and most importantly, you look great behind the wheel.

There’s just one setback: your would-be vehicle has mechanical problems lurking under the hood. And unless you get a professional, pre-purchase inspection, you won’t know those problems exist – until it’s too late.

3 Common Issues a Pre-Purchase Inspection Can Help You Avoid

A pre-purchase inspection is just what it sounds like: A professional mechanic looks over a used car before you buy it. That way, you have a better chance of catching problems before spending your hard-earned cash.

The best part? A pre-purchase doesn’t have to take time out of your day. RepairSmith’s mobile mechanics will come to you and make sure everything with the car checks out…before you check out.

Although a pre-purchase inspection can’t predict future breakdowns (sorry, mechanics don’t have crystal balls in their tool kits), the procedure can help you avoid issues, such as:

1. Mechanical problems

During a pre-purchase inspection, your mechanic will look over all those greasy bits in the engine compartment. In many cases, a test drive will also be taken. By getting well-acquainted with the vehicle, a professional can help pinpoint any wallet-draining mechanical problems it might have.

2. Lack of maintenance

Lack of maintenance can eventually lead to costly mechanical problems. Fortunately, a professional can tell when, say, a car hasn’t had its oil changed or coolant flushed in eons. As part of a pre-purchase inspection, your mechanic will look for signs of neglect, such as these.

3. Electrical gremlins

You might not notice a broken oil pressure gauge or inoperative taillights. But there’s a good chance the mechanic performing your pre-purchase inspection, will. Getting a pre-purchase inspection will help catch any potential electrical issues with the car before you drive off.

RepairSmith offers pre-purchase inspections to make sure the used car you’re buying is a gem, instead of a lemon!

What a Pre-Purchase Inspection Can Do For You

By now, it’s probably obvious that getting a pre-purchase inspection is a smart move. An in-depth, professional evaluation can do the following:

1. Provide peace of mind

A pre-purchase inspection provides reassurance that your dream car isn’t a financial nightmare in disguise. And that will help you sleep better at night.

2. Save time and money

These days, even seemingly minor automotive repairs can break the bank. Thankfully, a professional pre-purchase inspection can help you avoid costly, hidden problems.

3. Enable you to get a better deal

During a pre-purchase inspection, your mechanic might find the car needs some minor work that isn’t a dealbreaker. You can use that information as leverage to work out a better deal with the seller.

4. Prevent frustration

Nothing is more frustrating than owning a car that’s in the repair shop more than it’s on the road. By getting a pre-purchase inspection, you increase the likelihood that you’re getting a gem, instead of a lemon.

5. Help you find your dream car

You know what they say: Beauty is only skin deep. Well, the same goes for cars. Even though a vehicle might look like Prince Charming on the outside, under the sheet metal, it could be a real toad. A pre-purchase inspection gives you a better chance of finding your dream car – and avoiding a clunker.