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Seasonal Car Maintenance

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With the changing seasons and upcoming holidays, our lives are bound to be filled with even more travel. Most of the country will be filled with snow, and we want to make sure you will get to wherever you are going safely.

Like many things in life, there is seasonality to car repair. Here, we will cover what your car needs and how prices can differ in each season. We all know there are better times of the year to buy certain items to get the best deal. The same can be true with car maintenance.

Fall and Winter

For this winter season, make sure your car is ready to handle any of the elements Mother Nature may throw your way. It’s a good idea to book your car service in the fall to handle the winter weather. Many people wait until the last minute to have their car serviced before going out of town and with basic supply and demand, you may end up paying more if you wait until a week before a major holiday to have your car repaired. Get in early and save even more time and money when booking through RepairSmith in October and November.

The most common issues to have addressed or repaired for winter are:

Spring and Summer

Summer is a peak time for mechanics and body shops. Many people are preparing for vacations and road trips and technicians could raise rates at this time. It’s a good idea to have your car serviced in the early spring to save money and to prepare for any major expenses related to your car. Many mechanic shops are busiest in late spring and through the summer and can raise their rates during this time.

The most common issues to have your car serviced for in Spring/Summer:

In general, the best time to bring your car in for service is before noon on weekdays. Mechanics are busiest in the afternoon trying to get everyone’s cars back by the end of the day and weekends are usually busy as well, since most people have time to do take their car in on this day.